Public Engagement

Organopoly: a game about the wonders of the human body

If you love learning about science while playing, then Organopoly is right for you! My idea for this game was borne out of 1. the desire to teach people of ages science in a fun way; 2. my love for Monopoly as a child (and adult, to be absolutely honest). Together with 3 colleagues of mine at the Institute of Metabolic Science, Cambridge, we set out to make Organopoly a reality.

We have engaged the public with Ogranopoly at various events in Cambridge ( In May 2017, we successfully secured £345 from the Royal Society of Biology to run a whole-day “Organopoly” event for families with children during British Science Week 2017. The game is available as a free resource to anyone (schools, families etc.) who might be interested. For more details, please get in touch, and I would be happy to distribute the necessary material.

Cambridgeshire British Science Association

I had the pleasure of co-chairing the Cambridgeshire branch of the British Science Association in 2015-2016. Here, I contributed to the organisation of multiple science events for the general public in the Cambridgeshire area, together with a team of 10 volunteers. My favourite project was the construction of a large, electronic mammalian cell model, used to teach children and adults about cell biology. I instigated the construction of an electronic mammalian cell,I also led the organisation of a public debate on Genome Data Privacy in Cambridge in June 2016, with speakers from the University of Cambridge, Astra Zeneca, Genetic Alliance UK, the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute and medConfidential. During this time, we secured the first Branch of The Year Award.

Other activities

  • STEM for Britain 2018 finalist, allowing me to present my research to MPs in Westminister.