Ralitsa’s pensieve of the last month: time-out to breathe

Back in my “young” days, I used to love Harry Potter, and there is one magical item that has been imprinted on my mind. It is Dumbledore’s pensieve. For the non-Harry Potter addicts among you, The Pensieve of Hogwarts is a magical instrument used to empty your head of memories as well as to go back and view them again. In the past month, a magical Pensieve is exactly what I have needed… Jumping head first into my first PhD year, full of excitement and new ideas, my brain is experiencing space limitations compounded by the scarcity of hours a normal day has to offer. It is time to tidy up my brain space a bit, so let my blog be my Hogwarts Pensieve. What’s happened in the past month – or rather what has not happened, and why does it feel like a whole year rather than a month?

Let this blog be my Hogwarts pensieve

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