Homeopathy: nothing more than a sugar-coated pill

Each summer I spend about a month in my country of origin, Bulgaria. Much can be said about Bulgaria, but one thing has struck me time and time again: Bulgarians live in a superstitious reality with great emphasis on alternative treatments. Completely contradictory to scientific thinking and my way of perceiving the world. Below are just some of the alternative beliefs that I was told of recently and that prompted me to attack one of them in this blog post.

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I am a biomedical scientist, not a ‘lab rat’

Surprisingly many people, friends and family alike, still wonder what I and other scientists around me are doing. Perhaps slightly selfish, this post will spare me a lot of repeated explanation. Nothing is easier than saying: “Check out my blog.. It’s all there.” More importantly, however, I hope that it will serve as a brief insight into life as a (developing) biomedical scientist to the wider public as well as to those interested in pursuing a biomedical research career themselves. Indeed, a biomedical scientist is nothing like the lonely, miserable lab rat some people might believe them to be.

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Developing that incurable curiousity, life-changing events and decisions: the bumpy road to my life as a scientist

I made the decision to start my own little science blog after attending a Wellcome Trust meeting for 1st year PhD students yesterday. The purpose of my blog will be to engage the public with my life as a biomedical PhD student, hopefully inspiring others to follow the same path. But who am I and how did I end up in one of the world’s best universities? The following is a personal insight into my life and why I believe that anyone with a passion to learn, access to the right mentors and most importantly – perseverance – can make it this far and beyond. If you desire something deeply, chase that dream, don’t let it go.

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